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mental health startups

Their latest funding was raised in January 2021 from a Seed round. Their latest funding was raised in May 2021 from a Series B round. Half of workplace absences, employers are looking for digital solutions to help improve the mental health of their teams. Scene has answered the call, with the number of mental health and wellness businesses exploding in recent years. The Newcastle-based company was founded in September 2018 and, later that year, entered the North East Pre-Accelerator Programme.

Cloud 9 connects city and county public healthcare to public safety and social services to address the needs of different populations. With the use of telehealth data and communication solutions, the company is designed to increase the quality of healthcare by connecting the public with healthcare.

A Surge Of Interest In Mental Wellness Services During The Pandemic Has Created New Opportunities For Businesses

According to the HIMSS report, around 80% of health systems plan to increase their investment levels in digital healthcare in the next five years. We identified and listed the most innovative healthcare companies in Europe to watch in 2022, from sleep monitoring devices to neurorehabilitation systems. Curates inclusive resources to help you find an affirmative and non-judgemental safe space. From active mental health helpline numbers to counsellors and support groups, the organisation has a wide range of offerings to assist people with their mental wellness needs. New virtual care companies face challenges with payment, access and building up their clinical workforces as they look to broaden their reach with younger patients.

  • In addition to taking care of her clients, Safira also looks after her own team.
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  • It’s mental health platform markets itself as a safe and engaging place for young people across the UK to meet like minded, supportive people and improve their mental health.
  • Big Health operates a digital healthcare portal used to offer behavioral programs for mental health issues.
  • According to the HIMSS report, around 80% of health systems plan to increase their investment levels in digital healthcare in the next five years.

Study by the UK government has shown how people’s anxiety has risen at the start of each lockdown in the country. PsyOmics develops proteomic diagnostics to improve early diagnosis and treatment outcomes for those with neuropsychiatric disorders.

Why Your New Startup Should Be In The Mental Health Sector?

Spring Health markets itself as a program that can either replace or supplement traditional EAPs, giving smaller companies a platform to offer customized mental health plans. Employees take confidential assessments online, and then are given a list of treatment options. They also have access to licensed mental health care professionals within Spring Health’s network.

Since being founded in 2016, the company has raised an impressive £14m through three funding rounds. Its latest round, in February last year, totalled £9m at a pre-money valuation of £11m. ReachLink is a behavioral health platform offering innovative and comprehensive mental health care designed to address individual needs, ensure access to the right support and track out comes accurately. This is made possible by ReachLink’s digital platform and quality care that’s as effective as face-to-face therapy. – Meru Health is an online medical clinic specializing in treating depression, anxiety, and burnout. The program’s positive outcomes were recently reviewed in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, and in April 2019 the startup raised $4.2 million in seed funding to further develop its digital platform. – Psychologist Henrik Jahren used iCBT (internet-Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to treat his patients facing mental health challenges.

mental health startups

Mental health solutions link employees and dependents to individualized mental health treatment. So, you can access any type of care from acute therapy to self-guided online programs.

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As of August 2021, about 1 in 3 behavioral health outpatient visits for people 18 and younger were done via telehealth. In April 2021, the startup secured US$10 million in a Series A round. The company itself also highly emphasizes on the mental wellbeing of its employees. Hoping to avoid employee burnout, it will be implementing a pilot program from April to June this year to introduce a remote-first work arrangement and a four-day workweek. Likeminded seamless user experience.Insurance coverage as the enabler of venture scale. Gateways to mental health and ventures Providing ongoing mental support will benefit from insurance coverage.

Soulmio is the comprehensive mental health care, burnout prevention and mental personality development. Therapractic provides software and services to simplify the life of behavioral health professionals. Clinicians and Patients are always connected through our AI based full stack mental health platform. ThoughtFull app connects users to mental health professionals for coaching sessions or therapy, and also has self-guided tools. NUE Life is a mental wellness startup leveraging evidence based and scientifically proven mental health treatments and products.

mental health startups is a firm that provides a complete solution for allowing your employees to take care of their mental health. ENeura, a privately held medical technology company, is pioneering the use of portable, non-invasive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation devices for treatment of migraine. Those who have struggled with disordered eating understand the toll it takes on your wellbeing. With its “gentle nutrition” approach, Sööma users will be equipped with the tools to move forward and better understand and treat their eating disorders. Ultimately, Sööma attempts to help users heal and achieve long-term wellness. The startup says that among companies that offer it as an employee benefit, adoption rates consistently range between 20% to 40%, much higher than traditional employee assistance programs.

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Our platform is the best way to discover, track and understand high-growth companies in the UK. Thanks largely to the global pandemic, 1 in 5 US adults state they experience mental illness. And more than 12M have struggled with serious thoughts of suicide.

  • Thymia, which uses a smartphone game to try and analyse patterns of depression, and WordDiagnostics, a Swedish company which uses artificial intelligence to analyse text written by a patient.
  • That doesn’t mean that a founder will definitely become depressed.
  • There is a lot of scope to build at the intersection of design, cutting edge research in psychology and technology to create beautiful and powerful products.
  • Karuna Pharmaceuticals engages in development of drugs for the treatment of schizophrenia.
  • Although technology can be used to scale training with a pace and depth that has never before been possible, measurement and feedback may be the most important innovations for digital mental health.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has made the problem of sleeping disorders even more critical.

The chatbot responds to users with 150 different therapeutic techniques, such as affirmation words or guided meditations. From a market augmentation approach, it is equally interesting to look at what tech ventures are doing to address the more conservative set of consumers within the mental health awareness spectrum. As in many other fields (taxi services, home rentals, education, etc.), technology will broaden access to mental health services, meaningfully increasing its market size.

Mindful Healthcare

By keeping the costs low, more people can avail themselves of the help they need. We want to do everything we can to help support them and the fantastic work they’re doing. Their latest funding was raised in May 2021 from a Series A round. They provide a wide range of psychological assessments and psychological therapy, as well as personalised wellbeing and prevention tools. Their latest funding was raised in October 2021 from a Seed round.

mental health startups

Its latest fundraising totalled £1.5m and valued the company at £6.5m. PsyOmics aims to increase clinical capacity, reduce operating costs and improve outcomes for patients, all across the UK. The combination of virtual school, isolation from peers, and the stresses of living in a time of uncertainty created a mental health crisis for young peopleduring the pandemic. Launched in October 2020, Brightline connects patients with therapists, coaches, and psychiatrists. Meru Health is a digital mindfulness solution for stress reduction and cognitive abilities improvement. The service includes monitoring and tracking of the stress levels, plus recommendation software and meditation advice.

Every part of this can be done remotely, with quicker response times and greater convenience than available in traditional office-based practices. – Founded in 2016 with the aim of promoting good mental health and wellbeing at the workplace, Unmind offers a wellbeing platform, delivering ‘clinically-backed’ content and support to help workers. Features include a mood diary, world-class exercises for stress, focus and sleep, as well as learning stories, a chatbot, daily challenges and tasks, and much more. In March 2019 the startup raised a £3 million Series A round to further promote positive thinking. Berlin-based mental health startup VAHA markets an interactive mirror which has a vivid range of personalized, intensive exercises and sessions for body, mind and health. The company was founded in Berlin in 2019 by Calin Popescu and Valerie Bures-Bonstrom and is currently in Series B funding round.

Top 8 Best Mental Health Apps And Startups Worth Checking Out

Happify is a behavior change technology company that drives personal, business and healthcare outcomes through improved emotional health. Mindstrong is committed to reshaping mental health through improvements in data measurement, data science, and virtual care models. Ginger makes it easy for employees to get the support they need, when they need it, by providing on-demand behavioral healthcare. Kids’ mental health is just as important as their adult counterparts.

Sana is great for people with active minds and bodies to accelerate physical recovery and improve mental wellbeing. Moreover, Sana has big plans for 2022 to expand their resources to address other health issues such as anxiety and PTSD. Mental Health issues were once issues widely ignored mental health startups across the US. It’s been reported that 1 in 5 adults in the US have experienced mental illness, this equates to about 52.9 million people. The term mental health was once very stigmatized; a lot of people feel ashamed of needing help and having to go to therapy for treatment.

Here’s a brief rundown of how each sector is evolving, followed by significant funding rounds in the fourth quarter last year and early 2022 across startups in these three areas. The company, a Y Combinator alum, will use the capital to increase its product, engineering and commercial teams as it continues expanding into new markets. It currently has about three million registered users, in a total of 20 countries, with a strong commercial presence in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, said Chew. Today’s healthcare practitioners understand that the time is right to embrace the latest technology and do away with inefficient and paper-intensive systems. Startups really know how to surf the trend tide, so if you’re looking for some inspiration, they’re the ones you should go to. And just as the world is seeing growth in marketing tech, startups are here to take advantage of it.

This can get highly addictive and have a powerful impact on your mental health. Balance is key, and should be an integral element in this kind of product thinking.

As well as being able to access help for your own experiences, MeeToo’s wellbeing platform allows users to draw on their own experiences to help others. It promises a moderated safe space for young users, with all posts and replies checked before going live.